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Coin Purse

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Boss Lady
My 2 Cents
You're Beautiful
Barely Squeakin' By
Big Bucks
Bitches Get Stuff Done
Rakin' it In
I'm Not Bossy
Filthy Stinkin' Rich
You Fancy Bitch
Natural Born Shopper
Thought I Had More Money
I Live Beyond My Means
You're Double Wonderful
Unicornin' Ain't Cheap Coin Purse
Itty Bitty Budget

Coin Purse - from Blue Q

The Blue Q Coin Purse is 3" high by 4" wide, making it perfect for corralling all sorts of small bibs and bobs beyond simply coins. Stitch markers, embroidery scissors, notions of all kinds: you're about to be wrangled in style! And, of course, it makes a great wallet - credit cards, ID, and cash fit inside perfectly.

Blue Q is a sassy company with a lot of heart. Blue Q bags are made with 95% post-consumer recycled materials like used rice sacks. The resulting fabric is water-resistant, wicked durable, and printed with bright, crisp, lasting designs. Plus, Blue Q donates 1% of the sale of its bags to environmental initiatives like the Nature Conservancy!