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The Moon & Other Satellites Kits - RCYC 2019


The Moon & Other Satellites Kits - RCYC 2019

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Twisted The Moon & Other Satellites Kits - RCYC 2019

The Rose City Yarn Crawl is over for 2019... but we want to celebrate just a little longer! Use promotion code "rcyctid" at checkout for 10% off the RCYC colors kit through 3/31/19.

Grab and get to knitting with this kit of Twisted's 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl featured knit pattern - The Moon & Other Satellites designed by Larissa Brown. 

We are currently sold out of kits in the Reservoir and Volcano colors. We expect more in late March. Please email us if you'd like to know when we get in more.

With its stunning reservoirs, wooded paths, and lofty views, Mt. Tabor has long been a source of peace, inspiration, mystery and raw beauty to Portlanders. This design is inspired by watery reflections of the moon, stars and other lights that pass over in the night. Its expanding rings are like ripples in otherwise still water. Instructions are for a large, 4-color shawl, with suggestions for adapting a smaller 2-color variation.

The Moon & Other Satellites Shawl

image © Rose City Yarn Crawl


  • 1 full-color, double-sided, printed copy the Moon & Other Satellites knitting pattern by Larissa Brown
  • Yarn:
  • Packaged in a cute Twisted logo drawstring cotton project bag - while supplies last! Your kit will be packaged in a clear plastic box if we run out of cotton logo bags. :)


    Kits are available in either Socks That Rock Lightweight or Featherlight. Both are fingering weight, though STR-L is a heavy fingering weight yarn and Featherlight is a lighter fingering weight yarn.

    There are 3 color options for this kit. Each option is designed to highlight the special colorways dyed exclusively for Twisted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts to celebrate the 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl. The kit colors are also inspired by our chosen parks for this year's RCYC theme "A Walk in the Park" - Mt. Tabor for the knitting pattern and Laurelhurst for the crochet pattern. Mt. Tabor is best known for three things - its iconic lampposts (which inspired the color Shed A Little Light), its classic shady blue reservoirs (which inspired one of the kits below), and for being an extinct volcano right in the heart of a major city (which also inspired one of our kits).

    Large Shawl:

    • RCYC (shown in pattern) - Colors: A) Shed a Little Light, B) Red Dawn, C) Everyday Grey, D) Deep Unrelenting Grey
    • Reservoir - Colors: A) Shed a Little Light, B) Smoke on the Water, C) Phaedra, D) Easy Breezy Beautiful
    • Volcano - Colors: A) Red Dawn, B) Shadow, C) Copperline, D) Blood Moon 

    Small Shawl:

    • RCYC - Colors: A) Shed a Little Light, B) Red Dawn

    Want to create your own color combo? Check out all of our colors of Socks That Rock Lightweight and Featherlight!

    The Moon & Other Satellites pattern is also available separately on Ravelry for $6.