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727 Bow
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728 Sloop
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Whimbrel - from Quince & Co.

Big sister to sport weight Willet, worsted weight Whimbrel is sourced from the same high-quality, responsibly grown Cleaner Cotton™. (Learn more about Cleaner Cotton.) The fiber's long staple length yields a deliciously soft yarn with a hint of pretty sheen. At a gauge of 4.5 stitches per inch, this versatile 3-ply cotton yarn is destined to become a true workhorse, suitable for garments, shawls, and accessories for all seasons.

Hanks must be wound prior to knitting with them. However, plant fibers do not ship well once wound into a ball - the ball tends to fall apart and tangle en route. As such, we strongly recommend waiting to wind this yarn at home just before you work with it. If you want to risk it, though, you can add yarn winding to your order here.

Fiber | 100% California Cleaner Cotton
Weight | Worsted
Gauge | 18 sts = 4" / 10 cm
Needles | US 7 / 4.5 mm
Put up | 180 y / 165 m per 100 g hank
Care | Handwash cool. Lay flat to dry.
Country of Origin | USA