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Knitting Needle Necklace

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Knitting Needle Necklace - from addi

Knitting artist Pavia Lewis has joined with skacel and addi® to provide custom hardware for her renowned, innovative "miKNITures", allowing knitters to make their very own wearable art!

For flexibility of personal style and fit, the necklace bases are available in both addi® Natura (bamboo) or addi Turbo® (metal) needle styles. The necklaces have a strong magnetized closure in the back, making for easy fastening and removal. These special magnets are the perfect strength - so your necklace will stay on all day, yet still remain easy enough to remove without assistance!

While garter stitch is all it takes to make a simple, yet charming necklace, the inspiration is endless, so feel free to tap into your creativity and incorporate various yarns and stitch patterns to your heart’s desire! Wear your passion for knitting around your neck, and have some creative fun!

Includes knitting needle necklace only - you'll need to provide the yarn and knit your own unique centerpiece.