Miyuki 6/0 Seed Beads 2428 Silverlined Dark Violet


6/0 Seed Beads

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2428 Silverlined Dark Violet
011 Silverlined Ruby
005 Silverlined Copper
336 Cranberry-lined Peridot AB
004 Silverlined Gold
007 Silverlined Light Orange
006 Silverlined Yellow
014 Silverlined Chartreuse
354 Chartreuse-lined Green AB
017 Silverlined Emerald
026 Silverlined Moss Green
344 Cobalt-lined Green AB
027 Silverlined Deep Emerald
030 Silverlined Dark Teal
339 Blue-lined Aqua AB
025 Silverlined Capri Blue
018 Silverlined Pale Sky Blue
019 Silverlined Cornflower Blue
353 Cobalt-lined Sapphire AB
356 Purple-lined Amethyst AB
024 Silverlined Lavender
209 Fuschia Lined Crystal AB
208 Carnation Pink-lined Crystal AB
355 Magenta-lined Crystal AB
363 Cranberry-lined Topaz AB
012 Silverlined Lilac
152 Transparent Pewter
464 Opaque Luster Black
131F Transparent Frost Crystal
131 Transparent Crystal
551 Silverlined Opal

6/0 Seed Beads - from Miyuki

Miyuki is Japan's oldest seed bead manufacturer. Their Japanese seed beads are world famous for being high-quality, uniform in size and shape, and available in a wide range of beautiful colors and finishes.

The size and smoothness makes them a perfect bead for use in knitting. You can either pre-string beads using a beading needle or attach them as you go using a Bead Aid or small crochet hook.


  • Approx Beads Per Tube: 220
  • Approx Beads Per Gram: 12
  • Length: 4mm
  • Width: 3mm
  • Hole Size: 1.3mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Country of Origin: Japan