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Snack Bag

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Terra Cotta

Snack Bag - from Stasher

This snack-sized Stasher is lightly frosted on both sides (mmm, frosting) so you can see contents while still having some privacy. The Snacker is the perfect air-tight transport bag for notions, double pointed needles, a deck of cards, or of course snacks. Or, keep your phone dry if you’re commuting in the rain or sailing into the sunset. Bonus: The touchscreen works through the bag!

woman holding a stasher bag with snacks in itTare weight: 2.1 ounces / .13 pounds

No matter how many kinds of bags Twisted carries, both we and customers always seem to somehow end up using plastic zip bags. So, we figured, don't fight it! Stasher bags fill the same role as clear plastic zip bags, but are made of 100% silicone so they're far sturdier, easier to clean, and better for the planet.

· 100% pure platinum silicone
· Non-toxic
· Pinch-loc™ seal
· Dishwasher and microwave safe
· Endlessly reusable
· Write on it!

Stasher's mission is to provide a reusable alternative to disposable plastic baggies and single use plastic containers. Every Stasher bag is made of pure platinum silicone from natural resources — primarily sand. It’s 100% plastic-free and BPA-free with no fillers. Stasher is a certified B Corp and member of 1% For The Planet, a group supporting high-impact non-profits that protect our oceans.