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Knit.Wear Magazine, Fall/Winter 2018


Knit.Wear Magazine, Fall/Winter 2018

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Interweave Knit.Wear Magazine, Fall/Winter 2018

Explore three different aspects of simplified knitwear including colorwork, cables, and ribbing in the 23 knitting projects in knit.wear, Fall/Winter 2018.

In this beautiful issue, Interweave has explored three different aspects of simplified knitwear. Explore colorwork knitting in our Modern Fair Isle story, featuring five stranded pullovers with pared-down colors and striking motifs. Curl up with the Comforting Cables story, which celebrates knitters’ favorite techniques without overcomplicating things. Find knits that feature a prominent cable but keep the rest of the garment minimalist. Get Back to Basics with designs made for movie nights, reading, podcasts, commutes, and traveling. These designs feature a bit of texture, a bit of ribbing, and occasionally a wee cable.

Take a break from life and venture\ to the Faroe Islands to learn about Navia, a yarn company thousands of years in the making. Explore an alternative method of working the three-needle bind-off with Roxanne Richardson that leaves a flat chain stitch on one side and a purl ridge on the other. Work the chain on the right side for a gorgeous visible seam or work the purl ridge on the right side to blend perfectly with garter stitch. Finally, read an essay about a new knitter’s journey to body- and self-acceptance through knitting her first garments.