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Interchangeable Needle Tips - Bamboo

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Interchangeable Needle Tips - Bamboo - from HiyaHiya

Customize your HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needle Set with extra tips.

These warm bamboo needle tips are made with high quality bamboo impregnated with resin, making them both smooth and strong. They come in sizes US 2/2.75mm through US 15/10 mm, and in 4" or 5" lengths. Each package contains two needle tips - they must be paired with a HiyaHiya cable to assemble a complete needle. Find Steel tips at HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Needle Tips - Steel - Regular and Sharp.

HiyaHiya interchangeable needles are split between two screw base sizes to enable a larger range of needle sizes than many other interchangeable needle systems. US 2-8 needle tips have a smaller base; US 9-15 needle tips have a larger base. Because the small and large needle tips have different screw bases, the tips and cords are not by default interchangeable between the two. Optional adapters are available separately to use large tips on small cords.

Additional tips, cables, and other accessories are sold separately so you can customize your set to suit your exact preferences.

We don't have photos of each size and length - not to worry, though - you'll receive the size and length you select and add to your cart.