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Mohair Luxe Color

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Mohair Luxe Color - from Lang Yarns

Lang Mohair Luxe Color is a versatile mohair/silk blend yarn that can be worked alone or held together with other yarns as a carryalong. Mohair Luxe Color is a variegated version of the classic solid colors found in Mohair Luxe, and will knit up just as fluffy and cloud-like as the original. Note that these Mohair Luxe Color balls are twice the size of the original Mohair Luxe and Mohair Luxe Paillettes.

Fiber: 77% Superkid Mohair, 23% Silk
Weight: Lace to DK
Gauge: Varies
Needles: Varies
Put up: 50 gram / 1.75 ounce ball. Balls come ready to knit with. They do not need to be wound.
Length: 380 yards / 350 meters
Care: Hand wash with detergent or wool wash without softener. Lay flat to dry.

*Great news! No need to wind. This yarn comes in a convenient 'ready to knit from' ball!