Zitron: eco-riffic

Did you know that all Zitron yarns are made to the highest, global standards for health and ecological safety? They don’t make a huge production of it, because it is something that the company believes should be a given with quality textiles.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. It takes into account production methods, effects of chemicals on the consumer’s health, effects of care requirements (e.g., dry cleaning), and problems related to disposal of the product.

It is thorough and it is strict! And that’s why you can be sure that all Zitron yarns are the best possible products that can be next to the skin of you and your loved ones AND the planet we live on. Take a look at the Zitron yarns we carry:

Zitron Trekking Pro Natura Zitron Trekking XXL
Zitron Trekking Maxima Zitron Unisono