Your RDA of Twisted

A new report from the Surgeon General recommends at least one serving of Twisted per day. If you do not get this recommended daily allowance, possible side effects can include: restlessness, itchy hands, frowning, and spontaneous combustion. (Although the latter is unconfirmed.)

To help ward off Twisted Withdrawl Syndrome (TWS) we have three more Twisted brand items to keep you company on those days you can’t make it by to see us in person. They are:

tote.jpg100% cotton canvas classic tote bags, great as a project bag, groceries, gifts, etc. $20.

bag.jpg100% cotton canvas side pocket bags, which have gathered handles and two zip pockets on each side! $20.

onesie.jpg100% organic cotton baby onesies ranging from 3 months to 24 months. For our youngest yarn lovers. $20.