Yoshi & Lucy Brillante

Yoshi & Lucy!


And these kittens are bringing the bling to class this joint up.

In fact, our in-house scientists have calculated that the sky-high sparkle and fluff factors of these new yarns are enough to counteract our collective socially-distanced general malaise through the end of 2020! Let's do this.


Brillante is a 2-ply, 468-yard, subtly-sparkly dream come true. It's comprised of 75% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, and 5% Gold Stellina (a supersoft metallic fiber). Stellina is heckin' hard to photograph so these skeins have more warm, lustrous glitz in person than on a screen. From sweaters to socks to stuffies, this yarn could become almost anything when it grows up!


Meet Rosa, the ultimate fluff. Rosa is a blend of 72% mohair and 28% silk with 459 yards per 50 gram skein. It will perfectly pair with Brillante to create a dynamite FO full of haloed sparkle and shine. Dye takes to the mohair in a watercolor-like effect, with any residual color taken up by the silk core. This means with every stitch you're bound to find more color waiting to delight you!


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