We are so very pleased to announce that Twisted is now carrying Imperial Stock Ranch yarns and patterns.


Yaahoo, yippie, and yeehaww! This stuff is insanely, wonderfully fabulous, and it’s as local as local gets. Click over here to read the story of the yarn. Don’t worry, we’ll wait…

We have all of their yarns, 10 colors each to start, and will be introducing more and more colors. Come on in and check it out, grab something local and gorgeous and awesome.

* Columbia 2-Ply
* Native Twist: Soft Spun Single
* Tracie: Fingering 2-Ply
* Erin: Worsted 3-Ply
* Bulky 2-Strand: Pencil Roving
* Desert Exotic: Wool/Alpaca
* Anna: Wool/U.S. Organic Cotton

The story of the ranch is awesome, as well – here’s a part of it:

sustainability2The Imperial Stock Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch located on more than 30,000 acres of Oregon’s beautiful high desert where you’ll find resident populations of elk, deer, antelope, gamebirds and fish. It is on this vast landscape that our stewardship practices — of the land, of the animals and of our family — are cultivated and the strong foundation of our business has been forged.
-Dan & Jeanne Carver, owners of the Imperial Stock Ranch.

We’ll be sharing more information about this yarn in coming weeks, but if you want to read Brooklyn Tweed’s take on the yarn, click here.