Why we heart Boutique Knits

boutiqueknits.jpgBoutique Knits, by Portlander Laura Irwin, is so insanely gorgeously wonderful, that we cannot seem to keep it in stock. I finally snagged one of the copies the day before Thanksgiving, and my sister, who surprised us with a visit, and I each made a hat out of the book in the last few days. Can you say, wowza? This book rocks tha’ casbah, folks! The instructions are very clear, the patterns are vintage-saucy, and the photography makes you want to crawl into the pages and live that life. Jessica and I both used Malabrigo for our hats because, frankly, what else is there? (heehee)


Jessica made the Sideways Grande Hat out of Malabrigo Worsted in Vetiver.


I made the Side Slip Cloche out of Malabrigo Worsted in Glazed Carrot.

Get this book while it’s here, folks! Every project in it is just dying to be made.