Why is Twisted?

Twisted exists (and we’re boldly using the present tense now instead of future!) for a few reasons.  Most fundamentally, we both love knitting and crafts.  We want to surround ourselves with crafts and to share our excitement with other people.  It’s a good feeling to use your hands and brain to make something tangible in this electronic world.  And often with crafts, you end up making not just works of art, but friends along the way.  That’s the other part of why we started Twisted.  Family and friends are the most important thing there is, and a job should just be a means to and end – being able to enjoy them and be there for them.

All this comes up now because my dear sweet angelic French Bulldog, Carat, got very sick with pneumonia.  She was in the doggie hospital, in a little oxygen box no less, and just got to come home last night.  Right now I couldn’t think about anything else if I tried to.  I can’t even knit!  Now that’s serious.  All I did today was snuggle with Carat on the sofa and nurse her back to health.  And did I have a boss I had to lie to and say I was sick?  No.  Did I have a system that was telling me this wasn’t really an emergency because it was “just” my dog?  No.  I had my fabulous partner Shannon on the other end of the phone, worried for my pup and willing to do whatever it took to give me time to take care of her.

This is why Twisted is!  Because life is about things that make us feel good, like flexing our creativity, loving a dog, and knowing we have family and friends who understand us.