Why I Knit

why do you knit? to center yourself? to create something one-of-a-kind and beautiful? to spend time with others? to be alone? to feed that need inside? one of our wonderful customers-slash-friends-slash-vendors, laurie-ann, has begun work on a project called “Why I Knit.” she has started a blog, and has dropped off a fabulous ‘add-to-it-anytime’ journal here – it’s sitting on the coffee table, so come on by, read why others knit, and add your own story. we’ll be working with her on an event around mother’s day, because so many of us knit with our moms (in fact, mine was just in town, and we spent many hours knitting together and visiting. dad was here, too, but he opted not to knit with us :)). keep your eyes peeled for information on that and other fun events coming up here at twisted.