Who is Twisted?

Twisted is Emily Kizer and Shannon Squire. Emily and Shannon met while both working in the mental health division at the Portland VA Medical Center. Fate set them in offices across the hall from each other and a yarn shop was pretty much the inevitable result.

Emily is tech girl. She craves computers, organization and details.  Emily grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University, which is paradoxically both the only historically reliably democratic town in the state as well one of the major cities in the southern section of the state known as “Kentuckiana.” Go figure. College at Stanford University introduced Emily to the west coast and it stuck.  Emily has a husband, Matt, and a heavily doted-upon French Bulldog, Carat, both of whom are very tolerant of her crafting addiction. Other than knitting, sewing, and the like, Emily enjoys backpacking and growing orchids.

Shannon is the people person.  She is one of those women who knows everyone and who you just  can’t help but want to talk to.  Like Emily, Shannon grew up in the Midwest – Bedford, Ohio.  After college at Ohio University she roamed the country as a promotions and marketing coordinator and landed in Portland.  Shannon lives in wedded bliss with her talented husband Stefan and, while allergic to dogs, somehow puts up with Emily’s obsession with them.  Shannon is a dedicated knitter as well as a fine chef and gardener.

Together, this pair of young women is ready to transform Portland’s crafting scene and make it their own.