Weekend Round Up!

Weekend Round Up!

Plied Knowledge: The week that was…

At the store:

  • Blue Moon! This week we are stocking up on all of the Blue Moon we can leading up to the Rose City Yarn Crawl (March 7-10). We also received the first batch of this year’s exclusive RCYC colors... stay tuned for pics those soon! For now we’re freahly stocked with:
    • La Luna Lace - a heavenly blend of merino AND silk!
    • Super Sparkle - Twistedista Dawn is forever hooked on this for Turkish Bedsocks...
    • Yaksi Fingering - If you are looking for a splurge yarn, this is Twistedista Emily’s fave. 
    • Plushy - We currently have our largest stock ever of this gorgeous, bouncy yarn!
  • It is always a delight when Quince & Co. shows up in the store. If you are looking for Chickadee or some of the many popular colors of Finch, Lark and Osprey, check out our inventory online then give us a call or drop by to order.
  • We are stocking up on our inventory of Malabrigo Lace - not just for the lace knitting project of your dreams, but also to start winding more of our ever popular Shifting Shadows kits. Look for more to be lining the shelves soon! In the mean time, it’s endlessly fun to play with combining your own color scheme - and the pattern is free. 
  • Not to be left out, Berroco also showed up! We have lots of backstock of the Macro and Andean Mist depending on your late winter fluffy yarn knitting needs... 
  • We are sprucing up the store! Twisted elves were up late hanging new product signs for the store... and word is more loveliness is likely before the yarn crawl.
  • And don't forget to keep an eye on our classes - we update them regularly!

Around the web:

  • Something visual to start off the weekend - The Wes Anderson Alphabet is here for all of your print needs...
  • Snowed in somewhere in the US? Feeling crafty? Super Make It is a website full of ideas for you from some Martha Stewart alumni...
  • This far into the long winter season we could all use a few tips on how to be better active listeners and perhaps being more patient. 
  • And if that article inspires you, here's a list of random acts of kindness for every month that it is never too late to start!

And totally, completely, unapologetically local:

  • Are you a hat person? Pinkham Millinery is a local haven for anyone who loves hats!
  • An interesting read on a local restaurant that went viral which ended up NOT being such a great thing. A many-layered, complicated story to be sure. Stanich's Burgers were great until they were no more...
  • On a slightly different note, the TV parody show Documentary Now! is taking on the Rajneeshee cult in Antelope, Oregon. 

Have a great weekend and remember, you can always find us online!


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