Weekend Round Up!

Weekend Round Up!

Plied Knowledge: The week that was…

At the store:

  • We had truly hoped to make it to March 30th to close our brick and mortar shop with a giant thank you party. But the Coronavirus had other plans. This week we made the painful decision to go online-only earlier than we had anticipated because we all have to do our part to help flatten the curve. We are heartbroken but know it was the right decision.
  • Trying to find some bright side to this sad situation, we would like to remind you that we are open 24/7 online! AND, in lieu of free in-store pickup, for the time being we ship free to Portland, Oregon addresses. We've also lowered our threshold for free shipping on most US orders to $25.
  • Due to the pandemic, Quince & Co. is now allowing its shops to sell their yarn online! Check out our selection of Quince & Co. yarns.
  • Finally, thank you. Thank you for being such a wonderful community these past almost 13 years. We look forward to still being with you online, but we will miss seeing you all in person! Stay healthy and - please - stay home and wash your hands!

Around the web:

And totally, completely, unapologetically local:

  • As many things are closing due to COVID -19, please consider buying gift cards to many of your favorite small local businesses...
  • In the same vein, lots of local charities are being stretched tight at a time that is not normal for them. If you can at all give, start with your local food which for us is the Oregon Food Bank.
  • Sadly, there are not enough medical supplies to go around. If you can donate face masks, gowns or gloves, here a link.

    Have a great weekend and remember, you can always find us online!