Weekend Round Up!

hedgehog twist sock

Plied Knowledge: The week that was…

At the warehouse:

  • Hedgehog! NEW COLORS ACROSS THE BASES!!!! We are still working on getting up dated photos on the website for Merino DK, Sock, and Twist Sock they are so new but the Mini Skeins are there in all of their glory. And not to be forgotten, a tiny bit of Original Tweedy just for funsies...
  • Everyone needs a cute project bag. Happily we just got a restock in of our handmade Hex Fiber Arts bags...
  • We jumped into action while the products were in stock and managed to get a small and much rejoiced shipment from Cocoknits including their adorable tape measures and Triangle Stitch Markers!
Hedgehog Merino DKHedgehog Sock YarnHedgehog Twist SockHedgehog MinisHedgehog TweedyHex Fiber Arts Project BagsCocoknits Tape MeasureCocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers

Around the web:

And totally, completely, unapologetically local:

Have a great weekend and remember, you can always find us online!