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we’ve got yer loose patterns right here, baby

we have received some fabulous single patterns here at twisted, and wanted to share the info with ya’ll. you’ve heard of cookie a, haven’t you? the sock-pattern goddess? she of pomatomous fame, the designer of the hedera? we have the whole collection of her published patterns for sale here at twisted. this woman is amazing. if you are ready to flex your sock knitting skillz, come on by and snag a cookie a pattern for yourself.

if you want to knit socks, we also have chrissy gardiner‘s line of sock patterns. she’s a fab designer, and with pattern names like “lobster pot” and “autumn in oregon,” you can’t go wrong. chrissy is also teaching sock classes and techniques workshops here in the shop, so if you are interested in becoming a sock-knitting addict, or want to expand your socktastic horizons, her classes are for you.

we just received a smattering of knitting pure and simple patterns, including the top-down sweater parna is going to teach in september. all of the patterns are neck-down, easy, fun, and contain very little seaming. yeee-haww. plus, they’re just plain good looking sweaters, and complement many of the amazing sweater yarns we have here in the shop.

if you are a lacey kind of knitter, we have you covered, too. we have a nice selection of the ever-popular fiber trends scarf and shawl patterns, including the geographically-appropriate pacific northwest shawl.

we have hat patterns by local designer carolyn little, and cute baby hats by fiber trends. we have dog sweater patterns, and felted sheep and alpaca. you know those felted clogs everyone and their mother seems to be making? yeah, we’ve got that pattern right here at twisted. we’ve got bags and purses, both felted and not, and more are en route right now (the stylish and fun black sheep bags).

did we ever mention that we have a ballwinder and swift? we are happy to wind up any yarn you purchase here, and we even have a house-elf whose primary job is to wind our yarn (hee, hee just kidding – this is one of our absolute favorite little guys, and whose mother is becoming quite an accomplished sock knitter):


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