We Tried It! - Karbonz Double Pointed Needles Edition

We Tried It! - Karbonz Double Pointed Needles Edition

A fairly recent addition to our needle line up are the Knitter's Pride Karbonz Double Pointed Needles. Curious how they stack up to others? Twistedista Dawn had to get new needles recently and decided to give them a go so here are her thoughts...

double pointed needles knitting a sock sitting on a patternIf you are looking for an alternative to wooden needles- especially in the thinner, incredibly snappable sizes- they are wonderful! I typically knit with sharp metal needles but prefer wood when it comes to double points. Sadly, as a tight sock knitter, wood needles are not a possibility. I really enjoy knitting with these- they feel wonderful in my hands! 

The metal tips are nice to be able to see and grab stitches, too. The shiny silver also means I am not worried about knitting dark yarn with them even though the carbon fiber section is essentially black. 

I would definitely recommend them. I find them easier to knit with than the metal size 0 needles I was using and for anything at least a size 4 and smaller, it is a no brainer decision. My single caveat is that for the pattern I almost exclusively use them for, a 7" needle would be perfect but they come in 6" and 8"- bonus round, we only stock the 6".

Edit 1/29/2021: Since we no longer have a brick and mortar shop, we removed a reference to trying out needles in store.