Flexi flips, Ultra Alpaca Yarn

We Tried It! - Flexi Flips Edition

FlexiFlips are a relatively new addition to the Addi needle line up. Curious how they work? We tried them for you!


flexi flipsAddi FlexiFlips are, at the end of the day, simply another way to knit in the round.

Each tube contains 3 of what at first look like the shortest circular needles in all the land... because that is essentially what they are. If a double-pointed needle and a circular had a baby this is what you'd get. Originally, Addi made them only with metal tips, but they are starting to offer more variations like bamboo and longer lengths.

Technically these needles will work for any small-circumference project you are knitting in the round. Use them in place of your regular method (DPNs, two circulars, or magic loop). We tried them on both Turkish Bedsocks and a basic hat. Click the image below for a video.

knitting with flexiflips


Because FlexiFlips allow you to knit in the round with only three needles instead of four, there is less switching needles and fewer points for tension weirdness between needles. There is also less opportunity for a needle to fall out of your work than with DPNs, and less endless pulling excess cord through than with two circulars or magic loop.

FlexiFlips come in a clear plastic tube, which we LOVE - you'll instantly wish all DPNs were packaged this way. Like all Addi needles, FlexiFlips have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects.

Perhaps most of all, hey, it's fun to try something new!

Flexi Flips, Ultra Alpaca YarnCONS

FlexiFlips do have a short actual needle tip, so if you regularly find that short needle tips are hard for you to hold, that will likely be an issue here, as well. It can also feel like you are pulling your stitches on smaller diameter projects even with the bend in the needle, but they don’t seem to cause any more laddering or gaps than any other method of knitting in the round.


Addi FlexiFlips are definitely worth trying if you don't mind double-pointed needles. If you truly hate DPNs, the small cord in the middle of these probably won't change that. Almost everything in knitting is a matter of personal preference. Whatever works for you is the right answer!

Edit 1/29/2021: Since we no longer have a brick and mortar shop, we removed a reference to trying out needles in store.

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