dpn tubes

We Tried It! DPN Tubes Edition

As an avid Turkish Bed Sock maker and double pointed needle user, Twistedista Dawn was eager to give DPN tubes a test run. Currently we have two styles at the store, Nancy's Knit Knacks DPN WIP tubes and DPN Holders from Katrinkles with elastic.

How They Work

Basically, you are capping the ends of your needles so nothing can fall off. The Katrinkles versions use elastic in 3 sizes which means you have to pay attention to the length of needles you are using. The WIP tubes expand so one size fits all. Either one leaves your project and working yarn free - but unable to unravel. 

Pros and Cons

There are very few cons here. No one likes to lose stitches! Twistedista Dawn ultimately prefers the elastic version because thickness of yarn had less of an impact on how easy it is to use the holder. In her experience, the tubes got fussy trying to get all the stitches and needles and yarn tidily in its place.

Bottom Line

Having **something** keeping your project tidy and on all needles is really quite nice. What style you prefer is a personal preference!