blue q shoulder tote

We Tried It! - Anatomy of Blue Q As Nesting Project Bags

We just love Blue Q bags. They make us laugh. They are made from 95% recycled material. They're tough and easy to clean. They are endlessly USEFUL! We have stocked the shop with sizes for all of your crafting needs and they go together better than peanut butter and jelly...

blue q coin purse

The Coin Purse -in addition to holding coins, lip balm and hair ties- corrals your small notions like stitch markers. The beauty of these is that you can have mini notions kits for as many projects as you have going!

Grab whatever one is free and it fits nicely inside the...

blue q pencil case

Pencil Case which is perfect for double pointed needles, crochet hooks, and scissors. If you are a fan of stitch holders, they fit nicely in here for storage as does notions that are too long or bulky for the coin purse like highlighter tape or cable needles.

This then fits nicely inside the... 

blue q zipper pouch

Zipper Pouch, your home of homes for all the notions you own! Extra needle gauges - because you can NEVER have too many, scissors, cable needles waiting for their next job... It can even be the home for the extra coin purse notions kits! In a pinch, it is also an excellent bag for smaller, 1 skein projects for ultimate portability.

blue q jumbo pouchThe notions bags fit in the The Jumbo Zipper Pouch along with projects like baby sweaters, small shawls, socks, and hats. We love zippers on our project bags to make sure you aren't losing anything in your travels! It's also big enough that stuffing a pattern inside is not going to compromise room for anything else...

blue q shoulder Which leaves the Shoulder Tote. With its flat bottom and secure zipper it is wonderful for bigger projects like sweaters and blankets! You are going to have room for anything you need from all notions to patterns to all the yarn needed. 


The Bottom Line

Their price point and durability make them wonderful options for all project needs. Getting to express your personality through the designs? Bonus!