we love you, ups-man!

our ups man is pretty freaking awesome, everyone. he is foreva bringing us gifts.

first, he brought this:

(cherry tree hill’s new dk-weight sock yarn)

and this:

(every color of cherry tree hill’s supersock solid sock yarn)

which, if you’re interested, can make this:


(which you can learn to make by taking this class: learn to knit lace with michelle molis, saturday, august 18, 4-6pm. call us. 503-922-1150. sign up. make this fabulous scarf. master lace.)

you can also use some of the above-mentioned cherry tree hill (or the yarntini, or the karen’s heavenly creations, or the ashabee’s fiber oasis, or the zen string, or the dream in color, or the trekking, austermann step, gems, or merlin) to make something fabulous from this most fabulous of sock books, which mister ups-man brought a big ole box of today:

and THEN, on friday, you can head over to the world forestry center and get your book signed.

all because our ups man hearts us twisted chicks and brings us presents!