Upcoming Policy Changes

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On June 1st, 2022 we'll be updating two long-standing store policies - our rewards program and our return policy. Both changes are a very long time coming, and reflect a (necessary) pivot from things that worked well for many years when we were primarily a bricks and mortar shop to systems that better suit an online-only shop. Ultimately, both boil down to, as Henry David Thoreau said, "simplify, simplify."


The change to our rewards program aims to make the program simpler for customers to use, accessible to more customers, and easier for us to administer (ikr - technology *yawn*).

On June 1st, all points balances will be converted into discounts that can be applied at checkout with the click of a button. Discount amounts will be calculated using the same formula as before: 1 point = 5 cents. So, for example, 215 points will become $10.75 off.

From then on, instead of earning 1 point per $1 spent, then accumulating points until you reach 500, then redeeming those for a coupon... you'll simply earn 5% back in discounts. Whew! so much easier! So, for example, if the total of items purchased is $56.00, you'll earn a discount of $2.80 off your next order.

Rewards discounts will be unlocked 30 days after an order is delivered (when the return window has closed), aren't earned on shipping, insurance, or returned items, and expire after 1 year. Just as they are now, rewards will be tied to the email address used at checkout, so be sure to log in before placing an order. 

Read more about rewards here.


The change to our return policy eliminates a difference in timelines for store credit vs a refund, and starts the clock at order delivery instead of order submission. For orders placed starting June 1st, 2022, the return window for eligible items will change to 30 days from delivery for either store credit or a refund to the original payment method. While this does shorten the total return window, we've found that the vast majority of returns occur within 30 days of purchase, and many items we receive back after 30 days are in reality not in new condition or able to be sold again.

Read more about returns here.

Thanks for reading and continuing with our small business on our journey. Questions? Drop us a line!