twisted housekeeping and some new stuff

a random list of random twisted updates, to be continued tomorrow…

1. we are pleased to announce that we are getting closer and closer to finalizing our class schedule, and should be sending an email out in the next few days.

2. we have just received some amazing handmade bags by laurie ann of white lotus projects. laurie ann is one of those women who can do anything, and who does absolutely everything well. beautiful handmade notion purses made from recycled upholstery fabric and lined with raw silk. great for all your knitting tools or to use as an elegant evening clutch.
form + fashion = perfection.


(i couldn’t quite capture the inside of these bags – raw silk in complementary, and, in many cases, eye-poppingly bright and beautiful colors, so come on in to check them out in person).

3. more trekking color #100. this stuff went fast these past few weeks, but we have just received a shipment, so get it while it’s hot, people.

4. remember to sign up for our newsletter, and enter the july twisted contest – come on, crafty peeps – explore your inner poet(ess)!

5. we have free wi-fi here at twisted! great for the non-knitting partners you bring in, as well as for doing that all-so-important internet recon for your next fab project.