twisted's new look

We Updated Our Website!

We've been working on this for months and are ecstatic to finally share it with you! Our refreshed website has SO many exciting features. We've done our best to optimize all the details that combine to create a smooth and fun experience for you from start to finish.

new twisted home page

Home Page

The updated navigation menu on the home page will help you narrow down options - or browse at your leisure. Just hover your cursor over menu items to see options. Plus, a chat bubble floats unobtrusively in the bottom right of every page in case you have a question.

navigation page

Product Pages

This is the best part! Updates include:
* more images per color to illustrate potential dye lot variations and show projects worked up in that color
* options to see only what's in stock now OR colors that are sold out, too
* clearer yarn "vital stats" for when you want just-the-facts-ma'am
* the option to add winding directly on the yarn page
* ask a question form on every product page
* and, coming soon, even pattern suggestions for each yarn!

product page

Filters & Navigation

One big goal, as one of our many pre-launch testers put it, was to recreate a bit of that human touch LYS expertise. While browsing, see a second photo of the item by hovering your cursor. Get a quick sense of the yarn with thumbnails of colorways below the main image.

We've added loads of filters to help easily narrow down to just the right yarns for your project. Plus, you can now combine filters (e.g., weight = worsted AND care = machine washable)!

filters and navigation

Cart & Checkout

We've added a cart drawer that pops up on the side of the page so you can see what you've added so far without losing your place. Ready to check out? We've cleaned up the shopping cart to be clear and concise, while still noting final sale items and offering options to leave us a note or add gift wrapping.

cart page

Twisted Blog

Even our blog got an update to help you find exactly the content you want.

twisted blog page

Thank You!

We want to shout out our talented web developer, Jessie Matanky of Hand Hugs. She was incredibly patient with our endless revisions and, as a knitter and Twisted customer herself, brought keen insight and care to this project that were above and beyond.

We'd also like to thank the many customers, friends, and family who tested and re-tested the new site while it was in development. Your feedback was invaluable!

Finally, thank YOU - yes YOU reading this! We're still optimizing for the new layout and there will probably be hiccups. At the end of the day, we're a scrappy little mom and pop shop, not an international bajillionaire megacorp, and that means some limitations. If something is amiss, we want to thank you ahead of time for your patience. We've tried to give a lot of care to usability and accessibilty, so if you have any issues please reach out. Your experience matters!

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