To all the men I’ve dumped before

You’ll soon have a voodoo doll made of you. Just in time for Valentines Day. Yup, that’s right.

JK, boys. In any event, this pattern was born over a long talk over coffee with a good friend about her real stinker of an ex-boyfriend. And let’s be honest. Who hasn’t had a friend whose ex-significant other you just wanted to throttle? Don’t you wish you could do something, anything, legal to express your loathing for him/her and make your friend feel just a tiny bit better? Well now you can! Knit them a voodoo doll in the image of their ex. You’ll at least make them smile.

We have the loose pattern available for $4 and kits for $12. The quick to knit voodoo doll kit comes with everything you need to make a tiny doppleganger of your least favorite ex. Pattern, three colors of yarn, stuffing, embroidery floss and even a tiny name tag so there’s no mistaking who your target is. Most importantly, the kit contains plenty of straight pins…

Go nuts, ladies and gents!