the visitors

we have this great function on our website that gives us all kinds of stats and information, and i must say, i have become a bit obsessed with it. seeing where folk are coming from is awesome, and if someone links to us, we know it. in fact, today, we are going to link BACK to those that have linked TO us. you can then read what kind of first impression twisted gave to bloggers around the city.

sharon from chickenlips knitting was in here, and seems to have dug the shop (in fact, i believe her exact words included the phrase “off tha’ hook,” one of my personal favorites

we had a mention in daph’s blog, and the fact that she referred to twisted as “uber hip” made us giggle with glee

tammy and her daughter stopped by the other day, and she gave us some props on her bloggie-blog (oh, and, tammy? we may just be more evil than you think – mwahh-hahhh-haaahhh!)

siri, who has not even BEEN here yet, gave us a plug on her beautiful blog (come on out here, siri – we are saving a comfy spot on the couch just for you!)

and, last, but certainly not least, our own little neuroknitter, who used to be a blog-mate of ours, came by and wrote us up at our old home, we heart yarn. it was so great to see you, nk!