The Great Twisted Expansion of 2010

Yeah, you read that right, folks, Twisted has grown. By 30%. Yeehaww! We had the opportunity to gain a 400 square foot room behind where the notions wall used to be, and we snapped it up! (We would have grabbed it even if it didn’t have a skylight. Yeah, I said a skylight).

There was a bit of work to do before the space was totes ours. On Friday night, our good buddy and contractor extraordinaire Paul came by and made a hole where before there was none:

And on Sunday, Star, Parna, Vivian, Emily, and Shannon showed up after closing with beer, pizza, SimpleGreen, and paint and transformed a dusty, cobwebby space into a thing of beauty:

The next day, we reveled in the beauty of a bigger and better Twisted:

And, it just keeps getting better and better:

But don’t take our word for it – come on by and check it out yourself! Take a class in our expanded classroom…