the face lift: phase one

twisted will be housed in a great space. a fabulous space. a light, airy, warm space. a space that doesn’t need much to make it just what we need – some construction, a few key pieces of restaurant-quality equipment, and most importantly, a little tlc. as neither emily nor i is a licensed plumber, electrician, or general contractor, we must content ourselves with the more aesthetic endeavors. meaning, we can paint. yeah, baby, we can paint a mean wall, especially if my dear sweet sister is ready, willing, and able to help us. we spent a good portion of the last few days painting.

twisted wall
and now, twisted is even more twisted, and will continue to become more twisted (does that make sense to you? yeah, me neither)

guess what helped us a great deal? (Oh, was it good!)

this, too, helped us a great deal