The Creative World of Mending


Boro Boro Mended Kimonos

Holes in our knit wear are a potential nightmare for knitters and non-knitters alike. What could be sadder than worn through elbows or cuffs on our favorite sweater? How can we keep those beloved socks going? Maybe you’d just love to explore the artistic opportunities offered by mending and making do.

Join us at Twisted for Sivia Harding’s very DarnedSockspopular class Mending Your Knits: Saturday, July 9 from 2:00-5:00pm. 


Examine past and present methods of mending and darning knits with particular emphasis on techniques that cross cultures. Spend time examining beautiful mended textiles from around the world via a visual slide show and actual textile samples, plus darning and mending diagrams found in old books. Several mending techniques are taught, including Sivia’s own knitted mend. A bonus: when knitting is used to mend knits, you gain the opportunity to embellish them with textures, colors and interesting stitches!



We have lots of great classes coming up this Summer at Twisted! From weaving to drop spindle to your very first socks, this is the perfect time to try something new. For more information, or to enroll, stop by our online shop, give us a call (503 922 1150), or drop into Twisted for iced tea & inspiration!