The Classiest Stuff in Town

The other day, our handy-dandy UPS guy, Jeff, brought 3 big ole boxes, stuffed to the gills, with Dream in Color’s worsted-weight yarn, Classy. This stuff is an assault on the senses, in the best possible way. It’s a light worsted, superwash merino wool. It’s sister to the amazing Smooshy, the lofty Fatty, and the light and fluffy Baby. It smells like heaven when we open the boxes. But the best part? The very bestest, most wonderful part of the whole thing? The colors.



Look at those subtle variations. And with names like “Butter Peeps,” “Lipstick Lava,” and “Spring Tickle,” you can’t go wrong. We’ve been fairly addicted to it lately – Emily, Shannon, and Kate are all doing the February Lady Sweater in Classy, (along with tons of others – can’t wait to get casted on!!!), Shannon got obsessed (which, you all know, she NEVER does) with the Rocketry Baby Cardi (by the way, we have this pattern, and the Tulips Sweater pattern, here in the shop) in the last few days and accidentally finished the body last night:


And we’ve got the ever-popular Dream in Color Shrug hanging out in the shop, waiting to be tried on. Come on by and snag some while there’s still some to be snagged!