Tea and such

It’s getting warm here in Portland the last few days, but are still devoted to tea. Why?

anteadoteWell, for one thing iced tea is just as good as it’s hot sibling. Our Adagio Anteadote bottled tea is organic, unsweetened, and not made from powder or liquid concentrates. It is just tea – pure water infused with fresh tea leaves. Anteadote is bottled using a system that extracts the oxygen from each bottle, preventing oxidation – the cause of food spoilage. With oxygen gone, so is the need to laden the product with artificial additives or preservatives, common ingredients in most teas on the market today. Because of all this, the US Tea Association awarded Anteadote First Place in a recent comparison of unsweetened teas.

And whether your tea is hot or cold, it is darn tootin’ good for you. It has been suggested to help with aging, memory, allergies, arthritis, immune system, cholesterol, skin, diabetes, liver, and obesity.

visibilitea.jpgAlso, if you’re looking to cut down on caffeine, tea is awesome. Check out how much caffeine is in common beverages:
Coffee 80 mg
Cola 45 mg
Black Tea 40 mg
Oolong Tea 30 mg
Green Tea 20 mg
White Tea 15 mg
Decaf Tea 5-10 mg
Herbal Tea 0 mg

Did you know that Twisted sells tea by the ounce as well as by the cup? So if you find a favorite at the store, you can get a bag to take home with you. You could even try cooking with it and enter Adagio’s monthly TeaChef contest for creative new tea recipes.