Twisted Updates

Twisted is an Inclusive LYS

We want to take this opportunity to remind our customers that Twisted is a safe, inclusive environment to all people. We have the good fortune of having an amazing clientele to help support us in creating that environment. Thank you! You will notice, new in our window, the same graphic shown above. Ysolda Teague is […]

Sunday Studio Can Help!

Have you ever decided to tackle a project, only to find yourself bogged down in the midst? Maybe you have a dream project, but the pattern is dauntingly complicated. We’d all love to have a brilliant, funny, patient, fellow knitter to sit with us at times like that, offering helpful advice and getting us out […]

Meet the Designers: Debbi Stone

When did you first knit, and who taught you? My grandmother when I was 7. What are your favorite things to knit? I love knitting accessories of all kinds for the instant gratification! What has been your most frustrating knitting project?  A sweater that I knit about 20 years ago, when I knew nothing nor cared nothing […]

Design Inspiration for Unique Knits

Knitting inspiration is all around us! Especially in a beautiful city like Portland, full of Craftsman homes and majestic trees, we can find thought for new projects on a pleasant walk through the neighborhood. If you’ve ever wondered how to bring your knitting visions to life, Twisted has a fabulous workshop coming up you won’t […]

More Blanket, More Better

We just filled out our palette of Berroco Comfort in the worsted weight. While we tend to all love our hand-dyed wool yarns, Berroco Comfort is such a great (and affordable) yarn for blankets. It can be machine washed and dried, which makes it especially practical for baby blankets. We seem to go through phases […]

Enhance Your Craft Experience with Technology

While we aren’t quite bionic knitters yet, technology has definitely changed the way we craft. It’s exciting, and maybe a bit daunting. We have 2 classes coming up to help you make the most of 21st century craft life! Ravelry – Start to Finish: Saturday, November 6 from 11:00am-2:00pm. Ravelry has not only changed the […]

Black Sheep Looms

Woven wall-hangings seem to be everywhere right now. And as it turns out, they are a great way to bust through some of that stash. What stash? I know. Me, too. Let’s not speak of it. However, should you stumble upon partial skeins of yarn, or have those single skeins you just don’t know what […]

Tricks, Tips & Treats for Knitters

The always delightful Michele Bernstein joins us for exciting classes on advanced techniques this November. Sign up, and even your knitterly friends will be impressed by your new skills! Herringbone Braids & Beyond: Braids, Stranded Colorwork, and Yarn Dominance – Saturday, November 5 from 10:30am-2:30pm. This class will take you through the ins and outs […]

Meet the Twistedistas: Kat

Name: Kat When did you first knit, and who taught you? Freshman year of college, late 1990s. A girl who lived across the hall was knitting, and I immediately asked her what she was doing and if she would teach me. Both of my grandmothers crocheted and had tried to teach me, but it just didn’t take. […]

Your First Socks

When I learned to knit over 20 years ago, it was because of socks. Over the years, I’ve knit lots of pairs (and even more singles), top down, toe-up, even on the bias. I never tire of the way a sock project moves along from segment to segment, or the potential for adding an entertaining […]

Slow Fashion Month

As the Pacific Northwest begins its rainy season, we are drawn physically and mentally inward to the warmth and comfort of the indoors, re-allotting time once spent hiking and picnicking with friends to more quiet activities. Maybe we begin projects inside the home, or find comfort in the simplicity of things like board games and hot tea. […]

High Tech Crafting with Debbi Stone

Technology has totally changed our knitterly lives. The rise of Ravelry, the ease of tablets and smartphones, and the incredible way that crafters around the world have come together to share knowledge and techniques has transformed the fiber world forever. With apps offering everything from pattern notation to needle organization, and sites like Pinterest filling […]