Twisted Updates

Room in Learn to Crochet Class!

There’s still room in our Learn to Crochet Class. It’s a 3-hour workshop, next Thursday, June 25, from 5-8pm, taught by the crochet-tastic Elaine M., and really gets you started on the one-hook wonder that is crochet. You’ll walk away with the cutest little crochet flowers, as well as the mad skillz necessary to chain-stitch, […]

Amigurumi. Fun, funky, fast.

Amigurumi is a Japanese craft of crocheting stuffed toys, and, boy, is it fun. We became quite “hooked,” (pun definitely intended) a few years ago, and crocheted many a day away, creating the funkiest little creatures you ever did see. Our VGB (very good buddy) Michelle is the resident Amigurumi expert, and she’s dying to […]

Knitting under duress

Have you heard this story? A 98-year old woman, trapped under her bed during the earthquake in Italy, passed the time by knitting and crocheting. Yet another instance of crafting being good for the body AND the soul… So, the moral of the story? Stressed about taxes? The economy? Life? KNIT. CROCHET. DO COUNTED CROSS-STITCH, […]

Two fun events tonight

Most of you already know about the Lantern Moon event tonight – we’ve included the information at the bottom of this post, too, if you need a refresher. There’s also a First Thursday opening at the Downtown Stumptown (128 SW 3rd Ave.) that may well tickle your fiber-loving fancy. Jo Hamilton‘s I Crochet Portland opens […]

New Amigurumi Classes!!!

We’ve got two, count ’em, TWO Amigurumi Classes on our new Class Schedule, and there’s room in both of them. For those of you who don’t know, Amigurumi is Japanese for Insanely-Super-Cute-Big-Headed-Crocheted-Animals or something like that. These little creatures are so very much fun to make, so fast, so very pinchable, you can’t make just […]

Happy Earth Day!

Our gal Michelle came in the other day with a great class idea, that is just perfect to announce on Earth Day. It’s a purse crocheted out of old grocery bags! The class is a “beginner” level since it requires only minimal crochet skills – single crochet, increase and decrease only. You’ll learn how to […]

Crochet gone wild

So, one of our regulars, Terry, was in Chicago a few weeks back and brought us info about an exhibition of a crocheted coral reef. How neat is that?! So, we looked up the website for The Institute For Figuring and poked around a bit. These pics are part of their Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef […]

back by popular demand: amigurumi

for those of you who were dying to make super-crazy-cute amigurumi love, it’s baa-aack! Amigurumi Workshop Sunday, Dec 9. 12:00 – 2:00 pm with Michelle Molis $20 Materials: worsted-weight or smaller yarn and crochet hook small enough to make quite tight fabric, Amigurumi book ($6), eyes Included: stuffing if you really want to make one […]

the many wonders of crochet

crochet gets a bad rep, and we’re here to tell you, it just ain’t fair! there are many funky things one can do with crochet: 1. create a designer knock-off 2. make a hyperbolic plane 3. who needs voodoo dolls, when you can make a little depp-love for your very own 4. recreate your favorite […]