Studio With Sivia Harding

Most of you have probably met our resident designer-and-teacher extraordinaire, Sivia Harding. Sivia is a fantastically prolific designer of gorgeously complex and ornate lace and beadwork…and also a very sweet lady. We loveses her From her own site:

As a teacher, Sivia appeals to the creative spirit, and few can remain untouched by her verve and passion for her subjects. In her classes, technique, though important, is a means to an end, which is always the delight of following the joyful knitting muse wherever it may lead.

Sivia’s classes and workshops often are built around making a particular project, but only as a jumping off place for discussions on all sorts of related knitterly things. Students will often find themselves inspired to experiment outside the realm of the original project, sometimes coming up with highly original designs of their own as a result.

Sivia’s specialty is knitting with beads, which she has found to have a natural affinity with lace, and can also conjure magical effects in conjunction with cables and other textural elements. Sivia loves to explore the seemingly endless possibilities for embellishment resulting from the beautiful partnership of beads and knitting. Her classes will almost always contain some type of exploration of this partnership.

We are downright chuffed to now offer a Studio class with Sivia! You can bring in whatever project you’d like help on, and Sivia will shower you with her knitterly wisdom and guidance. As you might suppose, she is a particularly great person to ask about beads, lace, and socks… but this is also just a great opportunity to sit down with a top designer and really pick her brain about anything you like!

The next Sivia Harding Studio is on Saturday, July 31st from 3:30 – 5:30. This is an advanced beginner studio- students should know the basics of knitting, how to knit in the round and how to read a pattern.

If you’re interested in a class with Sivia but don’t feel like the Studio is up your alley, she’s got several other great classes coming up as well:

Moonrise Necklace – July 19th or August 7th
This class starts with a bead swap and ends with a beautiful, heavily beaded necklace that has been compared to a luscious garden of beads!

New Pathways– July 26, Aug 2, and 9
Dive ito the genius of Cat Bordhi and learn about her new “sockitectures” that eliminate traditional gussets! Sivia (who happens to be a good friend of Cat herself!) will cover all the techniques needed to knit the socks in “New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book 1” and give you pointers on customizing the fit. Guaranteed to expand your sock horizons!

Call or email the shop for more information or to sign up for a class! Or you can check out our complete current class schedule here.