Star Athena in Vogue

Hold the phones, folks, and stop those presses, because the Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2010 issue has arrived! The thing about it is, it would be a pretty fabulous issue even without the


But, this gorgeous little tunic really elevates the whole issue even more.

Don’t you agree? Star’s tunic is made in Cashmerino Aran in the yellow “Corn” colorway. It’s a part of a sunshine-y yellow story in Vogue. And, the thing is, Star is one of those fortunate few who can pull off a wide range of yellows and look gorgeous, not sickly. So, how perfect that she designed in yellow? (Although, truthfully, this yellow is one that complements a range of skin tones).

And, to make things even better and more interestingly 21st-century, Vogue has this new 360-degree function on their website, where they show you, in video format, each piece in the magazine, front, back, up, down, and all around.

So don’t wait! Grab your issue in our shop or order it online for store pick up or delivery.