SSC 2010

We want to remind everyone that there is still room in our Single Skein Club for 2010!

What is the SSC? Well, every other month for an entire year you’ll get a one-skein pattern, the yarn to make it with, and some little gifties to boot. That means six talented designers (including Star Athena and Sivia Harding). Six totally new one-skein patterns created just for us. Six skeins of yarn. Six fun extras. All adorably packaged and affordably priced.

It’s just $150 for an entire year ($190 if you’d like it shipped to your doorstep) and is without a doubt the best gift ever in the history of the universe. More or less.

Just to give you an idea, here are the projects from last year’s club. These aren’t what you’ll get next year, of course, as those will be all new and a surprise!