Square needles

Twisted is now carrying Kollage’s square knitting needles. Why square?
Well, we’re told that they really are easier on your hands than normal round needles. Handcrafted to exacting standards, Kollàge’s square knitting needles are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands, decreasing stress and strain. In particular, the square needles are supposed to be easier to use by those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel, or stiffness in their hands and fingers.

Kollage also claims that square needles enable you to knit faster with more uniform stitches. We were skeptical on that count and started a little test swatch going in the shop. At least half a dozen people have knit a row on that swatch and, we were surprised to see, the gauge is completely even. Go figure.
We are excited to see how our customers like knitting with the square needles, so please stop by and give our sample set a try. If nothing else, it’s interesting (and not as totally bizarre as you’d imagine). Plus they’re beautiful – handmade in Vietnam from a hardwood called Forest Palm. We look forward to getting the square crochet hooks and DPNs in the future!

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