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10% Off Bags To Get Organized

It's time for Spring Cleaning! Bring some order to your chaos with fun and functional bags and tools. Here's a smattering of our favorite goodies to help elevate you to a new level of organizational success. (Plus, they're really cute too.) And at 10% off plus free shipping on most items in orders over $50, it's your urge to procrastinate that will have to wait...

Brands include: Black Purl MagicBlue QHedgehog FibresHex Fiber ArtsKatrinklesKnitters PrideStasher, and Twisted.

Step 1 - Give every work in progress its own special bag

Fiber crafts are all about the journey! Each aspect is an opportunity to add joy and intention. Upgrade to a sturdy and gorgeous handmade project bag to stay organized AND smile every time you use it.


butterfly large project bag

Butterfly Large Project Bat

splatter large project bag

Splatter Large Project Bag

grid large project bag

Grid Large Project Bag


Step 2 - Wrangle and sort those tools

Tools can't help if you can't find them when you need them. Sub-divide and conquer: Sort each kind of notion into its own container, then gather those.


pocket bags

Pocket Bags

half gallon bag

Half Gallon Bag

sandwich size bag

Sandwich Size Bag

dpn holders

DPN Holders

glitter zipper pouches

Glitter Zipper Pouches

coin purse

Coin Purse


Step 3 - Know thy yarn

Organizing your stash makes it more functional... and it's another fun way to play with yarn. Sort by weight or brand or color - whatever works for you!


cedar wood blocks

Cedar Wood Blocks

mesh bags

Mesh Bags

zip top storage bags

Zip Top Storage Bags


Step 4 - Inception-ize with bags in bags in bags

Sprinkles on cupcakes are good. Craft supplies sprinkled all over the house are decidedly meh. Keep all your newly-tidied bibs and bobs corralled! 

blue q zipper bags/pouches

Blue Q Zipper Bags/Pouches

zippered shoulder tote

Zippered Shoulder Tote

holographic project bag

Holographic Project Bag

Bonus Round - Optimize the knitting/crocheting process itself

No more wrestling with yarn barf when you could be creating instead!


yarn dispenser

Yarn Dispenser

yarn sleeves

Yarn Sleeves

rosewood yarn bowl

Rosewood Yarn Bowl


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