SOW #8 Teaser

There once was a sweet, confirmed knitter
Who needed to get all a-twitter
About something new
So she threw on her shoes
And ran to Twisted for a kit (er…)

Okay, so THAT sucked. How about:

Knitters are a crafty bunch
We love to knit and eat lunch
But sometimes we need
A break, so we read
Or start some embroidery or crewel.

Hmmm…that, too, was kinda stinky. Can I come up with something that makes a bit of sense?

Not gonna happen, peeps, not this week. In any case, next week’s Sale of the Week is something completely different, something to help you get out of a knitting-related funk.

And, please remember that our Sock Week Sale is still going strong, AND the NE Broadway Super Summer Sale starts this Friday, so come on down to Broadway this weekend!

-shannon & emily
shop online at twisted!

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