Silverpurl Trunk Show this Sunday

Sunday, 11/21: Silverpurl Trunk Show

Meet local artist and Twisted teacher Karie Galvin. She designs beaded stitch markers, earrings, bracelets, shawl pins, necklaces and more. Her current love is metallic clay, and on Sunday you’ll have a chance to have her show you how to work with this amazing medium.

The free class (all you need to pay is a materials fee, detailed below) is on Sunday, November 21, from 12-3pm.

There is a material fee for the silver clay. $20 will get you one large piece, a medium and 2 small pieces, or 4 small pieces. $10 will get you one medium or 2 small pieces.

All Silverpurl items will be 10% off during this trunk show (both in store and online)!