Shawl Geometry – Find Your Favorite Shape!

Favorite Shawl Shapes
Saturday, February 11 from 2:00-5:00pm

I absolutely love knitting shawls. OK, to be fair, I love casting on shawls. Those first phases, when the shape and patterns begin to emerge, is always intriguing. Most shawls start with just a handful of stitches, and watching them grow is so satisfying.

There are so many varieties of knitted shawl shapes to choose from: crescent, half-circle, full circle, rectangular, and square – all create their own unique drape and effect. My favorites are triangles. Traditional or asymmetric, garter tab or side-to-side, I’m a sucker for a three sided shape.

All shawls are shaped primarily by the placement of increase and decreases, and once you know those basics, the world is your oyster! Join Michele Bernstein for her intensive workshop on the geometry of shawls and discover how your favorite shawls come to life.

Intro to Short Rows
Thursday, February 16 & 23 from 6:00-7:30pm

Another technique often found in shaping shawls, short rows are cropping up all over. There are many different methods for short rows, too. We’ll explore several methods of short rows so that you can use the perfect one for every project!


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