Twisted now has 2 new Noro yarns in da hizzie, and I, personally, am in the process of falling in love with one of them.

Sekku is a lace-weight blend of Cotton, Wool, Nylon and Silk, and a 50 gram ball has a whopping 420 meters (460 yards). It arrived on Monday, and on Monday evening, 2 balls somehow jumped into my bag and on the needles. (How DOES this happen?) I am cobbling together a sweet little lace-shawl pattern for this yarn, and it is almost knitting itself (although, on size US2 needles, it may take a while to actually knit itself).

The colors are unique to this yarn, so there isn’t anything you’ve seen before, although if you know Noro, you know that even the colors you’ve seen before can be way different from skein to skein.