Schoolhouse Press

latviandreams-cover.jpgWe are in love with Schoolhouse Press here at Twisted. Not only do they carry most of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s fabulous books and patterns (including all of EZ’s old Newsletters, now called “Spun Out” and sold as individual, one-page patterns), but they publish Barbara Walker’s Treasury’s of Knitting Patterns, books such as “Designs for Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings,” and the newest-to-us, “Latvian Dreams: Knitting from Weaving Charts.”

ez-dvds.jpgWe also recently ordered a bunch of their videos – I am looking forward to curling up on the couch with a sock, some hot tea, and a copy of either Elizabeth Zimmermann’s PBS Series, “Knitting Workshop” or the “Knitting Glossary.” Oh, EZ, how we love you, both because of and in spite of the fact that you published 1/2 page patterns for adult-sized fair isle sweaters. We love that you ask in one of your more famous patterns, “are you still with me?” We love that you were a no-nonsense-type of gal, who helped to make knitting the uber-popular way of life it is today.

So, come on in, pick up one of these videos, and schedule some time for yourself – no spouse, no kids, no muggle-friends or family, just you, your knitting, and a DVD that only we crafters can truly understand the importance of.