Sales of Week begin NEXT WEEK

Do you all remember our Sales of the Week last summer? Well, we are doing it again! All summer long, every single week, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, another great product or group of products will be 25% off! Yeah, you read that right, TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF!!

We decided to start this promotion off with a bang-and-a-half: the first Sale of the Week this Summer (okay, so it’s not quite Summer, weather-wise, but, hey, you gotta draw a line somewhere) is on Dream in Color sock yarns!!! This includes Smooshy, Starry, and Knitosophy. The Sale of the Week is limited to what we have on hand, and is available on the New!Twisted!Webstore! as well.

The sale price is valid from Monday, May 31, 2010 through Sunday, June 6, 2010 only.