rainbows or neutrals

Rainbows vs Neutrals ( + Unicorns)

Which do you prefer?

We're sure this question has been keeping you up at night, too. Rainbows get all the love, but neutrals are a timeless classic for a reason. At Twisted, our team members are evenly split on this divisive and urgent question... Below we go head to head to make our cases. Take a look, then cast your vote for your favorite and instantly see how others voted, too!

Rainbows or Neutrals? Vote now!

Team Rainbows

Team Rainbows put together this buffet of colorful awesome to tempt you to their side. It pretty much oozes happiness and energy and we're here for it!
rainbow skeins of yarn and projects
A few rainbow-themed faves:


Team Neutrals

Team Neutrals are sure this calming tableau will woo you to their way of thinking. After all, these grayscales and natural tones go with everything.
neutrals skeins of yarn and projects
Some of our favorites in neutrals and naturals and grayscale:


Bonus Round: Unicorns

One member of the Twisted Team couldn't pick between Rainbows and Neutrals and instead responded "Unicorns". Well, fine, then. The rest of us didn't know that was an option, but okay...

unicorn scissors and rainbow yarn








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